Chris Hemsworth Picked Up A Hitchhiker Who Had No Idea Who He Was

Chris Hemsworth has ignored the warnings from every horror movie ever and picked up a hitchhiker from the side of the road.

The Hollywood A-lister kindly picked up a young musician who was en route to play a show in Byron Bay.

"Picked up a hitchhiker, wasn't a serial killer which we were stoked about," Hemsworth wrote on Instagram.

The clip shows the Thor star and his mates bundling the musician named Scott Hildebrand -- who appears to have no idea who Hemsworth is --  into their van in Brisbane.

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The muso is clearly chuffed to have scored the lift at all when Hemsworth surprises him with a travel upgrade -- a helicopter ride all the way to Byron.

"You can chip in for the gas, mate. It's four grand," joked Hemsworth.

They drop Hildebrand in Byron after a stunning helicopter ride along the Queensland/NSW coast.

"Back to the normal hitchhiking...Kombis and stuff, mate," joked Hemsworth at the end of the journey.

The actor has tagged the official 'Australia' Instagram and used the hashtag #WelcomeToAustralia in the post so it could be a well-orchestrated stunt, presumably to repair some of the lasting damage of films like Wolf Creek.

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But it does seem to have been a genuine interaction with the lucky young traveller and let us dream that -- we too -- could have the chance to be whisked away on a helicopter by a Hemsworth brother.

Main Image: Getty Images.