Carey Mulligan Reveals The Worst Question She's Been Asked In An Interview

In a recent interview Carey Mulligan spoke about the "shitty questions" she's always being asked.

While speaking to Vulture, Mulligan talked about the ongoing trend and the range of questions she faces whenever she has to do publicity for films.

"I’m always being asked shitty questions. Like last night, I got asked by a woman whether I still eat red Twizzlers or whatever," Mulligan said.

Last year she was doing press for Mudbound, Mulligan made the off-hand comment that she felt like she was "running on sugar-free Twizzlers" while chatting to Us Weekly.

"One of her three questions was talking about Twizzlers. I was like, 'Really? We’re going to talk about Twizzlers? All right'," she told Vulture.

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Mulligan said she has been forced to "get used to it" when it comes to being asked really shitty questions, but when Vulture's Rachel Handler asked the actor what the worst question had been so far it was a bit of a jaw-dropper.

"Your character in Inside Llewyn Davis has an abortion. Would you ever have an abortion?"

Mulligan said she responded with a concise, "Are you fucking kidding me?" before they moved on.

The Shame star also spoke about the sexist approach many men have when it comes to asking female actors questions -- giving the example of "How has motherhood changed your [career]?"

"I was like, 'Do you ask that regularly to fathers?' I think not.”

Mulligan is currently promoting her work in Paul Dano's film Wildlife where she stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Ed Oxenbould. The film follows a family in the 1960s as they move to Montana and the young boy watches his parents' marriage fall apart.

Having known Dano and having -- briefly -- worked with Gyllenhaal and the film's co-writer Zoe Kazan before, Mulligan said the experience scared her.

"I was acting in front of my mates. Which is terrifying, but also my mates happen to be incredible actors as well, so there was a lot of fear and anxiety going into it," Mulligan said.

"But it was amazing and it’s the best thing now -- we’re all hanging out and getting to do this together. This is my job, this is ridiculous."

Read the full Vulture interview here.

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