Tara Reid Speaks Out On The Incident That Saw Her Removed From A Flight

Tara Reid has released a statement about an incident that saw her kicked off a Delta flight to New York City yesterday.

TMZ first reported the incident, stating that the actress "flew into a rage" after getting the wrong seat on the flight, with the situation getting tense enough that the pilot turned the plane around after leaving the gate to kick her off the flight.

Now, the 42-year-old actress and former star of MTV's short-lived but pretty iconic Taradise is hitting back, saying that it was never about her assigned seat, but rather, because they tried to put her dog in the overhead compartment.

On Instagram, Tara wrote that she had her 3-month-old puppy -- who is a card-carrying, registered emotional support dog -- with her and that the Delta officials tried to get her to stow her pup in the overhead bin.

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Calling it an "absurd request", Tara went on to point out that "animals cannot breathe in there" and referenced a prior incident of a dog dying in an overhead compartment.

"Therefore I refused to comply with this ridiculous request," she continued.

Disputing that there was any disturbance at all on the flight, Tara said that she "gracefully declined" the option to move her puppy to the belly of the plane, and "deboarded the plane of [her] own accord without any incident".

She went on to slam TMZ's report as "bad journalism at its core" and to emphatically deny that they ever reached out to her or anyone from her team.

Tara and her dog are now safely in New York, but Delta has denied Tara's version of events, telling TMZ that "Tara was told plainly she could keep her dog in her lap or by her feet". They also disputed that she had "gracefully declined and deboarded" the plane without incident, reiterating that she was "very unruly and disruptive".

Feature image: Getty Images