Cardi B Says Giving Birth "Broke" Her Vagina

Cardi B returned to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' almost a year after making her television debut on his show, reflecting on her whirlwind 12 months.

In that time Cardi has become a mum, was nominated for an absolute mountain of awards -- taking home a solid stack too -- and has been working, performing and feuding with the best.

"It's crazyyyyy," Cardi told Kimmel adding she couldn't even believe it's only been 12 months.

When the conversation turned to her baby daughter Kulture, Cardi swooned and said becoming a mother was one of the best things that has happened to her.

"It's like oh my gosh, I should have had you as a teenager," she joked, "this is what I've been missing my whole life? I love you."

Telling the late-night host that she wants three or four kids, Cardi also revealed that despite the happiness that having Kulture brought her there were a few things she wasn't expecting.

"She broke my vagina," Cardi told Kimmel.

"Why nobody tells you about those things? Nobody told me they was gonna stitch my vagina," the Invasion of Privacy rapper said.

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"People would just be like, 'Oh you know when you give birth it's gonna hurt,' but nobody tells you that like... your vaginaaa..." she laughed.

Cardi also reflected on how fame has affected her motherhood, saying it's difficult that she can't simply go to the beach or walk down the street with her three-month-old for fear of not knowing who's around her.

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Being a celeb is busy work! Watch the full clip below.

Featured image: ABC via YouTube.