Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Sister Dead At 44

The Seinfeld star is in mourning after her half-sister was found dead at a campsite in California in August.

Emma Louis-Dreyfus was found in South Yuba River State Park, an obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle reports the 44-year-old died from an apparent seizure while camping with friends.

Her obituary also described the Yuba River as one of her favourite getaways on weekends.

According to the Daily Mail, a coroner said that the Veep star's half-sister death was accidental, caused by an overdose of alcohol and cocaine.

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"I would say she had elevated amounts of [cocaine and ethanol]," Chief Deputy Coroner Mike Sullivan told The Union.

He added that he believes the Sheriff's Office will file no charges.

Emma and Julia share the same father, billionaire William Louis-Dreyfus. The Coroner's report comes just days after the Seinfeld star revealed she was "grateful to be alive" following her battle with breast cancer.

"I'm grateful for my heroic husband and our lovely young boys. I'm grateful I have the life I have," she told People last month.

Emma Louis-Dreyfus is survived by her sisters Julia an Phoebe Eavis, her mother Phyllis and her partner Sean Kim.

Featured image: Getty Images / Facebook.