Mac Miller's Death Was Apparently The Beginning Of The End For Ariana And Pete

As the dust settles on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's split, rumours are swirling as to what caused the end of the whirlwind romance.

While Ariana and Pete have yet to publicly confirm the news or speak out about it, sources have told TMZ that in the wake of Mac Miller's death, Ariana has been "in an incredibly dark place", prompting her to re-evaluate her hasty engagement to Pete.

Ariana and Mac dated for two years before splitting in May -- just weeks before Ari began dating and quickly engaged to Pete. Mac died of an apparent overdose on September 7, prompting Ariana to post an emotional tribute to her late ex-boyfriend in which she said that the pair has "talked about" the possibility of him overdosing "so many times".

"I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix or take your pain away. I really wanted to," she wrote.

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Although many Mac Miller fans accused Ariana of causing his death, may people close to both Mac and Ariana said that she was very supportive of his sobriety.

“There could not have been anybody more supportive of him being sober than Ariana. I saw that. I was around it,” one of Mac's friends said. “She was an unbelievably stabilising force in his life, and she was deeply helpful and effective in keeping Mac sober and helping him get sober, and she was all about him being healthy, period, in this area of his life.”

TMZ's source said that Ari felt like she did everything she could to try to prevent his death, but was left an emotional wreck by the news.

In the six weeks since Mac's death, Ariana has reportedly been re-evaluating whether she jumped into both her relationship and her engagement to Pete, and has come to the conclusion that she's not in a place to fully commit to Pete.

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“Ariana has been devastated and Pete couldn’t handle it,” a source told The Sun. “She realised she needs a grown-up who can support her and that’s not him. They secretly split a week ago and she’s already moved out of the apartment.”

Although some sources are reporting that the pair actually split last week and tried to keep it under wraps, the timeline of the break-up has yet to be confirmed, especially as Ariana was backstage at Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Recently, Ariana pulled out of many work commitments, tweeting that she was struggling with her mental health and needed "just one okay day".

Although Ari has yet to comment on the split, she showed fans that she's back to work, posting an image of a rehearsal script for NBC’s upcoming celebration of Wicked's 15-year anniversary, titled A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe raising money for "homeless" Pete Davidson has been shut down by the site.

Questions that are yet to be answered are: What happens to their shared pet pig, Piggy Smalls? What will they do about the many, many, many shared tattoos they got over the course of their romance? And of course, will they get back together??

Only time will tell.

Feature image: Getty Images