Everything You Need To Know About The Trump/Kanye Meeting In Tweets

There were MAGA hats, Superman references and one big bear hug in the meeting that dominated headlines on Friday.

Donald Trump was joined in the Oval Office by Kanye West, who performed a wild monologue about all things he's passionate about.

West regaled Trump with tales of his support for the President, his mental health and his promise not to run for office until 2024 -- to obviously lend his support for Trump's re-election in 2020.

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West also -- perhaps accidentally -- unlocked his phone in clear view of several cameras, revealing his password to be: 000000.

You could read all about it here, but if you want the condensed version we also collected 11 tweets that perfectly summarise just what went down between the pair.

Featured image: Getty / Twitter @AndrewRestuccia.