Maggie Gyllenhaal Breaks Silence On Allegations Against Costar James Franco

Amid new allegations against James Franco, his costar Maggie Gyllenhaal opened up about how she handled working with the actor on the series 'The Deuce'.

Gyllenhaal was talking to Sway Calloway on his SiriusXM daily show, where she said she refused to ignore the allegations against Franco.

"I felt it was my responsibility to do the opposite of ignore it,” she said. “At the time that the accusations against James came out in the LA Times, we read them all, we took them very seriously."

"We spoke to every woman on the crew and in the cast to find out if they felt respected and what their experience of working with James was and everyone said that they had been totally respected by him.”

Gyllenhaal also noted that cancelling the show due to the actions of a man would work against the core themes of The Deuce. The series follows the rise of the sex-work industry in Times Square in the '70s.

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"Our show is about misogyny," Gyllenhaal said, "It's about transactional sex. It's about inequality in the entertainment business. You couldn't be more at the centre of that conversation than The Deuce."

"To me, I thought, ‘I want to keep telling this story. I want to keep playing Candy and going deep into what it's like from a woman's perspective to be dealing with all the stuff that is on everybody's minds right now. I want to put it on TV."

In a recent excerpt from her upcoming memoir This Might Hurt A Little, Busy Philipps claimed Franco assaulted her on the set of Freaks and Geeks. This is the latest in a string of allegations of sexual assault, misconduct and assault against Franco.

Earlier this year the Los Angeles Times published a report featuring claims from five woman.

Franco has yet to respond to Philipps' claims.

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