Liam Neeson Says Horse In His New Film Knew Him From Another Movie

We're not horsing around.

Hi friends and welcome to today's edition of cooked celebrity news. Get ready to saddle up for this one, 'cos it's a doozy!

So, apparently, while speaking to Page Six about his latest flick The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, action star Liam Neighson Neeson dropped a somewhat baffling, yet weirdly hilarious, anecdote in which he revealed that a horse he worked with on set "knew him" from another film.

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I have nothing to contribute but this GIF of the sexy horse from Britney Spears' 'Radar' music vid.

"I play a travelling impresario. We filmed in New Mexico. The odd thing is the horse who pulls my wagon knew me," he told the publication.

Neeson believed he made an impression on the horse after they bonded on an earlier film, which he believes could have been A Million Ways to Die in the West or Seraphim Falls.

The discussion of the horse who apparently knew him then lead to this quality back and forth between the star and the journo:

Like what’s that mean? He’s seen your movies?

“You won’t believe it. I’m saying this horse knew me. He actually remembered me from another Western we made a while back. I love animals. When we worked together before I took special care of him. I fed him treats. Gave him apples.”

So this horse, he said, “Hi” when you walked over?

“He whinnied when he saw me. And pawed the ground.”

Well, turns out the 66-year-old might not be unSTABLE after all, 'cos fellow acting heavyweight Russell Crowe chimed in with a mag-neigh-ficent story of his own.

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