Selena Gomez Hospitalised For Mental Health Treatment

Selena Gomez is currently receiving treatment at a mental health facility after having an "emotional breakdown".

TMZ reports that, after the pop star was taken to the hospital twice in two weeks, Selena has been admitted to an undisclosed psychiatric facility somewhere on the east coast of America.

Multiple sources told the site that the "downward emotional spiral" was triggered by blood test results that showed "an alarmingly low white blood cell count".

Last year, Selena revealed that she'd had a kidney transplant to help manage her Lupus, an auto-immune condition that sees the person's immune system turn against the individual, attacking their organs. 60% of lupus sufferers have kidney complications, which can be fatal.

After receiving the news about her white cell count, a family member drove Selena to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, with sources calling her "despondent and emotional".

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Although she was released days later, Selena's low blood cell count continued, which soon saw her re-admitted to hospital.

When the doctors refused to release her, Selena reportedly had "a meltdown" and tried to tear the IVs out herself.

Selena has now travelled across the country to receive dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), a form of therapy she's done before.

In late September, Selena had announced she was taking a social media break, in order to get some peace and quiet from online trolls.

She'd previously spoken out about the negative impacts of social media, writing that her life "isn't always [so] filtered and flowery".

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