Monica Lewinsky Tells Hannah Gadsby She Bawled Her Eyes Out During Nanette

What began as a tour to announce her retirement from stand-up instead launched her onto the world stage.

In June, Aussie comedian Hannah Gadsby's award-winning special Nanette was released on Netflix, catapulting her into homes across the world with her unflinching, gripping show.

For Gadsby, the massive reaction to the special meant that she was travelling the world, doing appearances on talk-shows ranging from The Project to all the late-night shows in the United States.

Most recently Gadsby stole the show at the Emmy Awards with her wry delivery, prompting viewers to ask why she wasn't hosting the entire show.

This week Gadsby appeared at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit alongside Monica Lewinsky who saw the show live when it was touring the States.

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“I have never gone to a stand-up comedy show and bawled my eyes out," Lewinsky told Gadsby adding, "Knowing my history, that was surprising."

In Nanette, Gadsby touched on how society turned Lewinsky into a joke following her very public scandal with former US President Bill Clinton.

"Perhaps if comedians had done their job properly and made fun of the man who abused his power, then perhaps we might have a middle-aged woman with an appropriate amount of experience in the White House -- instead of, as we do, a man who openly admitted to sexually assaulting vulnerable young women because he could!" - Hannah Gadsby, 'Nanette'

Lewinsky revealed that since Nanette came out, she has seen many people -- especially on social media -- regretting mocking her over the years.

"I’ve noticed, even if people don’t reference Nanette," Lewinsky said, "there have been many more people who have referenced their regret at having seen me at just a punchline. I think that comes from what you put into the world."

"I was shamed by a world that didn't see me," Gadsby told her, "your shame was public property."

Gadsby told Lewinsky that Nanette functioned as a "genuine attempt to extend an apology from an art form that profited off shaming".

While hosting the Emmy's may be a longshot, Lewinsky investigated if Gadsby was keen to flex her hosting muscles on something lighter like Saturday Night Live. Gadsby seemed sure it wasn't a "real question" because she would never be asked.

Without going into it too much she noted, "I'm not a friend of them. They're not fans of my work."

One of the actual hosts of the Emmy's, Michael Che, seemed to criticise Nanette while also claiming he had never watched the special. "I don't wanna have to 'survive' a comedy special," he wrote in an Instagram story where he debated if Nanette even constituted a stand-up special.

Not being able to host SNL didn't seem to faze Gadsby, responding in her trademark manner, "It's fine. We'll cope."

Nanette is on Netflix now.

Featured image: Getty Images.