Teresa Giudice's Husband Joe Will Be Deported After Prison Release

When Joe Giudice completes his 41-month prison sentence for wire, mail and bankruptcy fraud, he will face deportation back to Italy.

“Immigration Judge John Ellington ordered Giuseppe Giudice removed from the United States,” the press secretary at Pennsylvania’s York Immigration Court told Page Six.

Joe's more than halfway through his sentence and had asked the judge to allow him to stay in the United States with his wife, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, and their four daughters.

His family immigrated to the USA when he was one, and told Andy Cohen that he considers himself an American.

"My parents are citizens. My brother and sister are citizens -- they were born here. I just never thought to file for citizenship," he said at the time.

Before Joe began his incarceration, Teresa Giudice served 11 months in prison for the same charges, with the judge allowing them to serve their sentences one after the other, to ensure their children had one parent at home.

Now, Teresa will have to decide whether to relocate her family to Italy with Joe, unless the couple can get the ruling overturned.

Last week, Teresa's lawyer told Page Six that the reality star had no plans to divorce her husband of 19 years.

“It’s not happening, not just now, but never. I can’t be any more clear about it," he said.

Still, a source told People magazine that Tre “never imaged Joe would really get deported.”

They added: “This is going to break her. She always knew that this was a possibility, but she put it out of her head. That’s the only way she could go on living day to day.”

Despite persistent rumours of Joe's infidelity over the years, the couple has so far remained together. They've been together since high school, married at 27, and share daughters Gia, 17, Gabriella, 14, Milania, 12, and Audriana, 9, together.

Feature image: Getty Images