Stephanie Beatriz Had A Brooklyn-99 Themed Wedding Dress

Stephanie Beatriz tied the knot with actor Brad Hoss over the weekend and revealed that her bridal dress has a connection to her 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' character, Rosa Diaz.

“There was a dress I came across called the Rosa. I’m not even kidding you,” she told People ahead of the wedding.

Beatriz thought the aptly-named dress -- which is covered in embroidered roses -- was “too good to be true” and assumed it probably wouldn’t be the gown she’d walk down the aisle in.

“I was like, ‘Nah, it’s not gonna look right, it’s not gonna fit,'" she said.

"It was the last dress I went to try on. I went by myself to try it on, ’cause I was like, I just want to get it out of my head.

“And I put it on and it was like, oh yeah, this is the one," she said.

Diaz has been involved with Brooklyn Nine-Nine since the show’s first season in 2013 and says being part of the cast helped her relationship with Hoss blossom.

“I never would’ve gotten to the place where I would’ve even been open to Brad as a partner if it hadn’t been for my time on Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” she said.

The actress added that it was extra “special” and “symbolic” to be wearing her ‘Rosa’ wedding dress on the big day.

Beatriz’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine castmates were in attendance at the Los Angeles ceremony -- including Andy Samberg, Chelsea Peretti, Melissa Fumero, Andre Braugher, and Joe Lo Truglio.

Fumero -- who plays Detective Amy Santiago in Brooklyn-Nine Nine -- wrote on Instagram this morning that she "had too much fun last night" following the Beatriz/Hoss wedding bash the night before.

Main Image: Instagram/StephanieBeatriz