Man Who Rescued Kidnap Victim In Taylor Swift Merch Finally Meets His Idol

Earlier this month a young pizza delivery driver, Joseph Grundl, arrived at a Wisconsin home where a woman was being held against her will.

When Grundl arrived to deliver the pizza he was greeted by a middle-aged couple.

"It was a normal delivery," the 24-year-old told NBC News.

"The guy answered the door and I hand over the pizza when I noticed that the woman behind him had a black eye."

"She mouthed 'help me' to me and then after when the guy left to get money, she mouthed 'call the police'. This was just as I was about to leave," Grundl said.

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Returning back to the Dominos where he works, Grundl phoned the authorities, and they arrived at the house to find that the woman was indeed being held hostage in her own home by an ex-boyfriend.

Authorities were able to arrest the man on charges of strangulation and suffocation, false imprisonment, battery, burglary and intimidation of a victim, NBC reported.

Later, Grundl's good deed saw him interviewed by the press, which he did while wearing a Taylor Swift hoodie.

Man Who Rescued Kidnap Victim In Taylor Swift Merch Finally Meets His Idol
Grundl had quite the 'Reputation' after his good deed very well may have saved a woman's life. Image: WISN 12 News via Youtube.

After he was interviewed, the story began to circulate online with Swift fans who celebrated both his good deed and his choice in fashion.

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Fans began to campaign to get Grundl rewarded for being such a massive Swiftie, and to get him an opportunity to meet the "I Did Something Bad" singer.

When Swift's team heard that Grundl would be attending her Arlington shows in Texas, they reached out giving the Swiftie fan the opportunity for a meet-and-greet.

So that's how this man went from delivering a life-saving pizza to meeting one of his biggest idols.

Featured image: Twitter @joeygrundl.