Amber Rose Leads SlutWalk 2018 Dressed As A Sexy Bride

Amber Rose hit the streets of Los Angeles on Saturday for her annual SlutWalk protest.

Dressed as a sexy bride complete with a white mini dress, veil and thigh-high stockings, the 34-year-old model stormed the streets along with hundreds of men and women, holding a sign that read “WIFE A SLUT, WE’RE MORE FUN.”

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The mum-of-one initially created the annual event after learning about The Toronto SlutWalk 2011 which aimed to protest rape culture, victim shaming, and slut-shaming.

"A lot of things pertaining to SlutWalk happened to me," Rose told Harper's BAZAAR last month.

"I didn't know how to articulate what was going on and why I was feeling this way. It was because I was sexually assaulted, I had been raped, and I was slut-shamed. I was victim-blamed, as well. I didn't really have words to those things that were happening to me until I started looking online and seeing things and realizing I wasn't alone, and that I now have a platform where I can help other women who are recovering and healing."

“A lot of men are learning exactly what consent is,” continued. “My SlutWalk is really inclusive, so we don’t leave anyone out. The LGBTQ community, non-binary, transgender, women, men, all walks of life, it doesn’t matter where you come from. We’re just spreading awareness and I think that whether being sexually assaulted or slut-shamed, women in general, we’re just not taking it anymore.”

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She also spoke about the way in which events such as hers represent a real change in the way society views women.

"We’re not taking any shit anymore,” she added. “We’re speaking up and we’re not scared just because these men are in higher positions or they have more money or they intimidate us. We have a voice and we all realise now that’s why SlutWalk is so important -- to bring an awareness of actually what’s happening in this world. It’s the equality issues that we deal with, but also the fact that, we can band together as women and stand up for each other and realise that we do have a voice that can make a change.”
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At the SlutWalk, Rose spoke to E! News about how she has taught her and ex-husband Wiz Khalifa's son, Sebastian, about consent.

"He's 5 years old and he already likes girls and he likes to kiss girls on the lips," she said. "Initially, when I first brought him to school, I saw he was kissing girls on the lips and some of the girls were like, 'Oh Sebastian, stop," while other girls were like, 'OK." And I told him, 'Baby, when they say no, you can't lean in and force them to kiss you, buddy. They have to say, 'OK.' And if they say, 'OK,' then, by all means, go ahead and kiss them.'"

"He's 5. He's an innocent little boy. But as he gets older, he's going to know, 'My mom taught me if a girl says no, bro, it's no, and that's it," she said.

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