Tina Turner Reveals Her Husband Donated His Kidney To Her

What’s love got to do, got to do with it? Apparently, quite a lot when it comes to donating an organ to your loved one, which is exactly what Tina Turner’s husband Erwin Bach did last year.

In a new book, Turner revealed new book that she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016 and the side effects left her facing kidney failure.

The Private Dancer singer said she turned to natural remedies instead of seeking traditional medical help for her condition.

“The consequences of my ignorance ended up being a matter of life and death,” she wrote in her new book My Love Story.

“At this terrible moment of guilt and self-recrimination, I learned something wonderful about Erwin," she explained via People.

“He never reproached me for my mistake. Instead, he was loyal, kind and understanding -- and determined to help me get through all this alive.”

The now 78-year-old, said her music producer partner then made an enormous gesture of love -- offering one of his kidneys to help keep her alive.

Turner said she was concerned that people who had thought Bach had married Turner (who is 16 years her junior) for her money, would assume the kidney was a payback of sorts.

“I wondered if anyone would think that Erwin’s living donation was transactional in some way,” she said.

"Incredibly, considering how long we had been together, there were still people who wanted to believe that Erwin married me for my money and fame.

“What else would a younger man want with an older woman? Erwin always ignored the rumours.”

Turner and Bach have been in a relationship since 1985 and married in July 2013 in Switzerland.

Bach revealed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he first got down on bended knee when Turner was 50 to show his commitment, but it took the pair a few more years to walk down the aisle.

Turner’s recent surgery was successful and she’s now mostly recovered -- and hopefully dancing the "Nutbush" once again.

We don’t need another hero, we’ve got Erwin Bach.

Main Image: Getty Images.