Legends Only: Rihanna's Gone And Meme-d Herself

With the RIH-lease of 'Ocean's 8', a tonne of Fenty Beauty products and her lingerie line all keeping her busy this year, you'd think Rihanna would be too busy for memes. Nope!

The pop icon took some time out of her insanely busy schedule to crack a joke about feeling the pressure of her fans to drop some new music, already.

Joking that she feels "attacked" by her beloved Rihanna Navy, Rih captioned a picture of dabbing at her brow with: "When your fans keep asking you for new music".

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Although she's been working pretty much every day since the release of her January 2016 album Anti -- and is rumoured to be working on two albums simultaneously at the moment -- fans have been getting antsy during the wait, and Rih's noticed.

When a red carpet reporter told her that her fans needed new music a few weeks ago, Rihanna quipped: "Ohhh girl, who sent you?!"

Whether we'll get a new album this year or not remains to be seen, but honestly, we're gonna stan no matter what. In fact, here's a meme in reply to hers:

Feature image: Getty Images