Danny DeVito Says He’ll Never Retire

Fans of Danny DeVito can breathe a sigh of relief, because the legendary actor and writer has revealed he will never quit acting.

In the only good news to come of 2018, the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star told the Press Association that he does not plan to slow down any time soon.

“I am not going to retire,” DeVito said.

“Actors don’t … do actors retire?” he asked. “Maybe they do. I have never heard of an actor retiring.”

While plenty of actors have announced their retirement,  not many of them actually stick to their dramatic resolutions.

Robert Redford said in August that his latest film --The Old Man & The Gun -- would be his last but a month later noted his comments were a "big mistake".

Anthony Hopkins and Jamie Lee Curtis have made similar statements but Danny would never play us like that.

DeVito appears in the currently airing 13th season of Always Sunny and features as the voice of a yeti in new animated film, Smallfoot. 

Presumably, DeVito will also never retire from posting artsy photos of his ‘trollfoot’ in exquisite locations.

Long live DeVito's career and his iconic troll feet.

Main Image: Getty Images.