Pete Davidson Is Already Back On Instagram

Pete Davidson is posting again on Instagram -- just two months after announcing he was taking a break from social media.

Davidson has been dating Ariana Grande since May and left the platform after intense criticism from Arianators.

He re-entered the platform with a blurry Polaroid selfie accompanied by the caption “hooray romano”.

Pete and Ariana have already resumed posting sickly sweet Instagram comments to each other.

“This is sick and ur page looks cool and never post again,” Ari wrote on the new photo.

He’s since posted another update today entitled “hooray Liotta” which has been approved by Grande.

“U have the coolest ig,” she wrote.

The Saturday Night Live comedian wrote on July 24 that he didn't "wanna be on Instagram anymore".

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"The internet is an evil place and it doesn't make me feel good," he wrote before taking a break.

His account bio currently says "account run by someone else" but the celebrity Ray-related puns definitely seem like they've come from the pen -- or fingertips -- of Davidson.

Main Image: Getty Images.