Lindsay Lohan Appears To Have Attempted To Kidnap Two Syrian Refugee Kids

Lindsay Lohan broadcast live footage of herself approaching a refugee family and accusing them of child trafficking.

Lohan, who is currently in Paris, posted clips on Instagram stories of her interrogating a mother and father before attempting to take their two children away to a hotel.

“They’re a Syrian refugee family that I’m really worried about,” she told her followers who tuned into the live feed.

“I want to introduce you to them. They really need help.”

In the footage, the Mean Girls actress appeared to be attempting to speak both Arabic and Russian.

Lohan's Instagram followers have described the clips as “disturbing” and “bizarre”.

“There is so much wrong with this right now,” wrote one person on Lohan’s live feed.

“This is straight up exploitation."

“Do you want to come with me?” she asks a boy in a grey hoodie, who is sitting next to his mother.

“Do you want to stay in a hotel and watch movies?”

She then asks his parents, “Let me take him for the night. One night.”

The mood becomes increasingly tense as Lohan begins questioning why the family is living on the street.

“What happened, why are you staying on the street?” she asks.

“You shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor, okay? Do you understand that?”

The live comments on Lohan’s video continued to stream in, with fans expressing concern about the escalating situation.

“Leave them alone wtf is wrong with you,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Help or move on and quit putting them on blast,” said another.

Lohan told the mother that she should be “doing what you do for your children so they’ll have a better life."

“And if someone’s offering them a home and a bed -- which is me at this moment -- give it to them.”

“I’m a good person.”

The family picked up their belongings, and Lohan asked if they were "excited", before she realised the family was walking in the opposite direction.

“Guys you’re going the wrong way,” she said.

“Inshallah!” she called, which translates to 'God willing' in Arabic.

Lohan then accused the family of trafficking children as they walk further away from her.

“Don’t f*** with me,” she warned.

“Hey, kids. This is not Arab! You are ruining Arab culture by doing this.”

It is unclear what happens next in the unsteady footage, but it appears the mother then approached Lohan on the street.

The actress shrieked, held her face, and told her Instagram followers: “I’m like, in shock right now.”

Lohan's Instagram stories of the event have since been deleted.

Main Image: Getty.