Desperate Housewives Star "Happy To Be Alive" Following Cancer Battle

The star of 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Melrose Place', Marcia Cross, revealed on social media that she was recovering from a battle with anal cancer.

The 56-year-old posted a selfie with a caption that read, "So grateful and happy to be alive but sad that my hair fell out". Prior to this Cross had kept her diagnosis and battle private.

"Anyone else have #hairloss due to #cancer?" Cross asked her followers adding, "Talk to me. I feel you".

Following the post earlier in the week, many fans reached out to Cross sending messages of love and support to which she posted an update clarifying that she was post-cancer.

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In a screen capture of text Cross wrote that she had gone through a "hard journey" but was "healthy, happy and more present and grateful than ever".

Cross' husband Tom Mahoney was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and underwent successful treatment. A year later Cross revealed to People that the pair had decided not to tell their twin daughters about his treatment saying, "They were so young and anything to them is normal, so they didn't know things weren't normal... Daddy's fine. It's in the past."

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While keeping her own diagnosis private, in a third post to Instagram Cross explained that she felt "liberated, deliriously free and completely me" after publicly speaking about her cancer.

"I am ecstatically alive and what interests me post cancer is #AUTHENTICITY. #VULNERABILITY. #TRANSPARENCY. And of course #LOVE."

"On that note, if you were wondering, I had #analcancer. I know, right?"

Cross has since thanked fans for their messages of support following her announcement of her good health.

Featured image: Instagram @reallymarcia.