Ariana Grande Opens Up About Her Mental Health: “It’s Hard And I’m Human And Tired”

Ariana Grande has opened up about her mental health in a raw and vulnerable Twitter thread today following an incredibly difficult month.

Grande is grieving the loss of her former partner -- rapper Mac Miller -- who passed away suddenly in August.

While Grande is perpetually positive in public and on social media -- today she shared with fans on Twitter that she’s been struggling.

“Can I pls have one okay day. Just One. Pls,” the singer asked.

“I’m so tired pls,” she added.

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The "God Is A Woman" singer also composed a series of heartbreaking tweets that gave some insight into the immense grief she’s dealing with at the moment.

“Just wake me up when I’m supposed to sing or whatever. Peace,” she wrote.

“Nothing will ever b ok,” she added.

Grande removed the tweets and apologised to fans who were worried about her mental health.

“Ur angels in my life,” she wrote to her Arianators.

“It’s just been a tough month,” she explained.

“I’m trying to get my work done and get back to normal and it’s hard and I’m human and tired,” Grande said.

It’s been a difficult couple of years for Grande who is understandably exhausted. It was only in May last year that the Manchester bombing took place after Grande’s UK concert, killing 22 of her fans.

“Sorry I let u in or worried u. I shouldn’t have tweeted. I kno better,” Grande wrote.

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