The Mystery Surrounding The Death Of Actress Natalie Wood Deepens

Dennis Davern, the yacht captain who was on the boat the night Natalie Wood famously died, has now claimed Robert Wagner kept him "hostage" following her mysterious death.

Speaking on Megyn Kelly TodayDavern claimed that he felt Wagner trapped him in his bedroom in an attempt to prevent him from telling the truth about what happened to Wood that night.

After being interviewed by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Davern said he provided all the information he could as well as undergoing a polygraph test.

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner following their reconciliation in, April 24th 1972. Photo: Getty

Telling Kelly he passed the polygraph "with flying colours", Davern -- who did not name Wagner as a suspect in his original testimony -- also spoke about what occurred in the year following Wood's death.

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Davern appeared alongside Marti Rulli who co-wrote the book Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour with him as well as hosting the podcast Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood together.

Davern described the year after Wood's death where Wagner invited him to live in his home as well as getting him a job at the studio while Wagner worked on the series Hart to Hart.

Wagner and Wood in 1970. Image: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images.

Davern was picked up from the house to the studio by Wagner's driver. "At the end of my work day, the driver would bring me back to the house," he said, "When I would go to bed for the night, you'd close the door [to my bedroom] and there was sort of like a magnetic lock to where you couldn't open the door."

Natalie Wood's Yacht Captain Alleges He Was Held "Hostage" By Robert Wagner

"I couldn't get myself out of my own room. I thought maybe the whole house has this security system. Whether it did or not, I don't know, but to me, it was a very locked-in feeling."

Rulli, who described their work together as "decades of effort", also claimed that during that year it was "very hard to talk with his family, his friends", suggesting that Wagner kept Davern close so he would be unable to tell the truth about Wood's death.

Robert Wagner, seen at Heathrow Airport with his wife, Natalie Wood, and their daughter, Natasha, 2. Photo: Getty

Davern's allegations come several months after Wagner was named a person of interest by investigators who re-opened the case into the actress' mysterious death. Back in 1981, Wagner told investigators he believed Wood must have slipped and fallen into the water.

Lt John Corina of Los Angeles County sheriff’s department told CBS' Erin Moriarty, "As we’ve investigated the case over the last six years, I think he’s [Wagner] more of a person of interest now," adding, "we know now that he was the last person to be with Natalie before she disappeared."

Featured image: NBC via Today.