Cher Never Wants To Duet With Madonna

While filming a game show segment on 'The Ellen Show', Cher revealed that she never wants to record a duet with Madonna.

The singer played ‘The Five Second Rule’ with DeGeneres and DJ tWitch and was asked to quickly name three singers she’d like to share the stage with --going out of her way to rule out working with Madge.

“Adele, Pink and not Madonna,” she said with a smirk.

“Well, alright Miss Negative,” DeGeneres laughed.

Cher then innocently asked, “Did I cheat?”

Madonna, Donatella Versace and Cher attending the Met Gala in 1997 (Getty Images).

“He said who you want to, not who you don’t want to,” explained Ellen.

It’s not the first time Cher has said something shady about Madonna -- even though the two stars appeared to be on good terms at last year’s Women’s March in Washington DC.

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In 2013, Cher tweeted “Wtf is MDNA” -- referring to the title of Madonna’s newly released album.

The following year, she clarified her position on Madonna during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit.

"I never hated her, I just thought she was a bitch,” wrote Cher. “Actually I quite respect her," wrote Cher.

"Actually I think Madge might be one of the most amazing artists I've known,” her AMA post continued.

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“I don't like everything she does, for sure, but she is always riding the crest of the wave. She always saw trends WAY before anyone else, and had great videos," she said.

"Besides saying, 'WTF [is] MDNA,' I'm fine with it."

She’s spoken about her dislike of Madonna a few times in past interviews -- commenting in 1991 that there was “something about her I don’t like”.

“She’s mean,” Cher added.

Although she does have Madonna to thank for one thing -- her infamous hook up with Tom Cruise.

Cher initially met the movie star when they were both guests at Madonna and Sean Penn's wedding in 1985.

Main image: Getty Images.