Leighton Meester Says Gossip Girl 'Wasn't The Healthiest Environment'

Leighton Meester has revealed how she really felt about her time playing Upper East Side darling, Blair Waldorf.

Meester graced the cover of the latest issue of Porter Edit, reflecting on the hugely popular show which ran for six seasons from 2007-2012. And while she inspired an entire generation with her iconic outfits in her role as the prim and proper Blair Waldorf, she admits that the show "wasn't the healthiest environment."

“I would get there at 5 a.m. and leave at 8 p.m; a lot of days I didn’t see the sun,” she said of her time on set, adding, “Everyone has their own journey, especially in their early twenties when they’re just figuring out who they are. Because of the success of that show, I was put in a place where that journey was sped up.”

After the series became an overnight sensation, Meester revealed that she found it difficult to deal with suddenly being thrust into the spotlight at a young age.

"I was young when I started Gossip Girl. A lot more people were suddenly around and I was being looked at. I’m not haunted by that time but it’s been interesting and helpful for me. I can now examine it as an adult but I’m still unsure if it was the healthiest environment," she explained.

And while she maintains that working on GG was "a beautiful time" in her life, she wouldn't return to the series if given the opportunity.

"I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's sort of a time capsule. A lot of the questions that come from it are: 'Do you miss it?' 'Did you love what you wore?'" she said. "And I understand that, but -- and I say this with nothing but love -- it is like saying, 'High school was an amazing time for you. Do you wish you could go back?' And the truth is, it was so special and such a unique, amazing experience, but no, I wouldn't wanna go back to it. I was a kid!"

It comes after longtime whispers that Meester and Blake Lively -- who played her on-screen BFF Serena Van Der Woodsen -- clashed throughout filming.

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Writer and co-producer Joshua Safran spoke out on the pair's relationship earlier this year to Vanity Fair, revealing that Blake and Leighton "were not friends."

"Leighton was very removed and very quiet, and, after her scenes were done, she would wander the stage," Safran said. "I had this image of her just in these gorgeous dresses with a book in her hand, sort of a little bit out of focus out in the corners... Blake and Leighton were not friends. They were friendly, but they were not friends like Serena and Blair. Yet the second they'd be on set together, it's as if they were."

These days, Meester enjoys a quieter life compared to her GG days, with the star marrying The OC star Adam Brody in 2014 before giving birth to their daughter, Arlo Day Brody, in 2015.

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