Kardashian-Jenner Matriarch Says She Delivered Kylie's Baby

"I delivered the baby!" Kris Jenner proudly boasts to her other K-named daughters.

In a preview for the next episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, ‘Momager’ -- and now apparently makeshift midwife -- Kris Jenner is seen telling Kim and Kourtney that she was the one that delivered Kylie’s daughter Stormi.

Kris praises Kylie, claiming that she was “such a trooper”, throughout her delivery. Kris then continued praising her youngest child adding,"She did really, really well.

She just kept saying, 'I just don't feel any pain.' You'd see these contractions like crazy and she would go, 'I just am not feeling it.' I'm like, 'This is really weird!'" Kris said.’ There was nothing revealed about any pain assistance Kylie may have had.

Kris Jenner tells Kim and Kourtney about delivering Stormi. IMAGE: Supplied

She was such a trooper. She really was. She was so calm. It was really exciting. I delivered the baby! I delivered her! I pulled her out.’

Details were also scant on how many medical practitioners were on hand.

Kourtney appears to have already known this, although Kim was surprised by the revelation. She says “I didn’t hear that…EW!”

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Also in the preview, Kim Kardashian-West tells sister Kylie that ‘Your pregnancy was the best kept secret of our generation’, although, Kylie was quick to assure Kim that ‘I’m not trying to keep a secret, I’m doing this for myself.

People Magazine was first to report on Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy in September of 2017, although the ‘self-made millionaire’ didn’t reveal her pregnancy until four days after she gave birth.

Her daughter Stormi is fathered by Kylie’s boyfriend and rapper Travis Scott and in February, she shared an 11-minute video on YouTube – making the formal announcement. It has since been viewed more than 74 million views.

Later she told her 115.3 million Instagram followers that ‘I understand you’re used to me bringing you along on all my journeys. My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world.’

Featured Image: Instagram @kyliejenner