Chevy Chase Blasts Former SNL Cast Members, Calls The Show "The Worst F**king Humour In The World"

In a profile designed to show how Chase doesn't deserve to be maligned for being a cantankerous, rude old man, the 76-year-old was exactly that.

Stories of Chevy Chase being difficult and rude have become almost as notorious as the comedian himself, as tales of him "terrorising" the cast of Saturday Night Live have entered the oral histories of the show he was so integral to crafting.

The 74-year-old didn't hold back in a recent interview with The Washington Post when he was asked about the series, calling it "the worst f**king humour in the world".

"First of all, between you and me and a lamppost... I don’t want to put down Lorne or the cast, but I’ll just say, maybe off the record," Chase said, "I’m amazed that Lorne has gone so low. I had to watch a little of it, and I just couldn’t f**king believe it.

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"That means a whole generation of s**theads laughs at the worst f**king humour in the world," Chase said, adding, "How could you dare give that generation worse sh*t than they already have in their lives? It just drives me nuts."

He deemed Will Ferrell "just not funny" and said he "didn't see what all the folderol was about" for Tina Fey. He undermined Kristen Wiig by saying "She had two things going for her. She had clear-cut chops, and she was pretty, too. But what happened to her?"

For Eddie Murphy, he was more complimentary before taking a racist jab saying, "I thought Eddie Murphy was funny... Stevie Wonder, he did well. It’s not that hard, for Christ’s sake. Your skin’s the same colour. You just put on some sunglasses."

Chase starring alongside Donald Glover in 'Community'. Image: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images.

In the same story, Chase rejects the story told by Donald Glover where he apparently told his Community co-star "People think you're funnier because you're black".

Chase said he didn't remember saying the line to Glover, but if he did said it was all a joke.

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After trashing the show, Chase also lamented the fact that SNL's co-creator Lorne Michaels shut down the idea of him returning to host the show with Michaels reportedly telling Chase he's too old to host.

"I said, ‘And Helen Mirren’s pretty and young?’ I didn’t get it. You’re too old? We’d had many people older than me hosting. What did he mean? I’ve never understood what he meant," Chase said, "Because I’d be very good, and it would be fun for an audience to see me doing that."

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