Justin Bieber’s Mum Appears To Defend Her Son’s Marriage

Although it's still a little unclear whether Justin and Hailey are even married.

It’s been a confusing few days for anyone trying to figure out whether Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin did, in fact, tie the knot.

Baldwin strongly denied the marriage in a tweet which has now been taken down -- adding to the confusion about their trip to a New York courthouse.

Either way, Justin’s mother Pattie Malette appears to have defended her son’s relationship with the model, writing “Love Wins” on her Twitter page.

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It's also been reported that the Canadian singer is looking to become a dual citizen -- he's been living in the US on a green card since he moved to Atlanta at age 13.

Bieber and Baldwin were hanging out in New York for Fashion Week-- sitting front row at the John Elliott show that was held at a skate park.

Hailey wrote on Instagram today that she's now headed to London Fashion Week -- with fiancée Bieber expected to tag along to the UK.

Main Image: Getty Images.