We've Been Saying Chrissy Teigen's Name Wrong The Whole Time

"This is not news" THANK YOU I KNOW.

It's early in the morning and you roll over to check your phone to see what hilarious, relatable thing Chrissy Teigen has tweeted -- but wait, there's something else in place of hilarious tweets. It's... it's something new, something different.

In place of hilarious, relatable Chrissy Teigen... is a stranger, someone new. She calls herself Chrissy Tie-gen.

Yep, turns out this entire time we've all been pronouncing the writer, actor, TV host, model, superhero's name wrong.

"Who cares," you say "This isn't news" you're about to comment on Facebook and YES, we couldn't agree more except that WE care and this IS news to us!

Also if you say "I've been saying 'Tie-gen' the whole time" you're telling a lie-gen because no one was saying 'Tie-gen', not even Chrissy Tie-gen was saying Tie-gen.

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This all tracks back to when Ariana Gran-dee revealed that we've been saying her name wrong the whole time. A viral tweet reflecting on Gran-dee's revelation was quote-tweeted casually mentioning we're doing the same to Tie-gen.

Tie-gen then weighed in, blowing minds everywhere in the process ESPECIALLY considering not only have *we* been saying Tee-gen, but so has she-gen.

To top things off, Chrissy Tie-gen fell down the stairs right before the Emmy Awards. Most likely pushed by her jealous rival, Chrissy Tee-gen.

Okay, enjoy the rest of your day where you'll no doubt tell several people they're pronouncing Chrissy Tie-gen's name wrong and they won't believe you but that's just the burden of being in the know, ya know?

Featured image: Getty / Twitter @chrissyteigen.