Mel B Reckons Katy Perry Could Be The New Posh Spice

She wants Perry to say she’ll be there at the Spice Girls reunion.

Mel B has suggested that Katy Perry would be the perfect replacement for Victoria Beckham in an upcoming Spice Girls tour.

The singer and America’s Got Talent judge appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden and assured fans that the world tour would actually go ahead this time.

“I feel like you’ve been stringing us along for a long time… this Spice Girls reunion,” said Corden.

“100 per cent it’s happening,” Mel B promised Corden. “We’re going to be going on tour”.

Corden asked “which spices” will be in the mix for the tour, to which Brown confirmed that Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Geri Halliwell were all locked in.

Olivia Munn -- who was sitting by Mel B on the chat show -- asked if Posh Spice would be joining the gang again.

“Well, we’ll see about that one,” said Mel B laughing hesitantly. “She might join us for a few [shows].”

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Corden then suggested a celebrity guest and asked who the ideal Posh replacement would be.

“Katy Perry would be good, wouldn’t she?” said Brown.

She might have to have a little chat to Katy Perry first -- who seems as though she’s enjoying some down time browsing her local supermarket at the moment.

“I love going to Trader Joe’s and walking down each aisle to catch up on the products since I’ve been gone,” she told People. “I’ll literally be in there for two hours.”

She added in the interview that she's keen to catch up with family and friends now that her epic Witness tour has ended, so Mel B could have a hard time getting her on the phone.

Victoria Beckham has been too busy to take on her old Posh Spice duties-- she debuted her newest clothing collection yesterday at London Fashion Week.

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