People Think Post Malone Is Cursed By A Haunted Wine Cabinet

Weirdly this makes a lot of sense.

Before we begin, this isn't going to be some clickbait-y story where the "curse" from a wine cabinet turns out to just be a hangover. NO.

We honestly mean there's a theory that Post Malone is currently being terrorised by a malicious spirit which originates from a wine cabinet.

TMZ released a video of Malone hanging out with Zak Bagans, the host of a TV show called Ghost Adventures. Bagans and Malone just happened to be chilling at Bagans' Haunted Museum in Vegas which is home to a famous dybbuk box, which was the inspiration behind the film The Possession.

A dybbuk (or dibbuk) box is a wine cabinet which is said to be haunted by a dybbuk, an often malicious spirit which many believe can haunt and even possess people.

The box became famous when a man named Kevin Mannis decided to auction off what he called "The Haunted Jewish Wine Cabinet" with an accompanying horror story. You can read the full original eBay listing he posted but basically, he brought the box home and bad s**t started to go down.

His mother suffered a stroke minutes after Mannis gave her the box and spelled out "N-O G-I-F-T" when asked how she was doing. He tried to give it to family members but they all returned it, then he had reoccurring nightmares.

So with all that in mind, Malone and Bagans were filmed in June messing around with the evil box which some call the most haunted object in the world. Probs not the thing to mess around with, hey?

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According to Bagans, the pair shared some beers before he took the protective casing off the box (NOT A GREAT IDEA HON) and was touching the object. Malone touched Bagans' shoulder while he was touching the box and apparently, that's enough for the Ghost Adventures host to believe a curse has been transferred to the Beerbongs and Bentleys rapper.

Obviously, that in itself is a spooky story, but then it starts to get ~spookier~ when you look at what's been happening to Malone in the past few months.

Since the incident with the box, Malone was on board a plane when two of the tyres blew out, forcing the aircraft to make an emergency landing. Just weeks later, Malone was involved in a crash when his Rolls-Royce collided with another vehicle. While there were no injuries reported, Malone's $447k car was written off.

Malone simply tweeted:

But perhaps it's not God at all who the recording artist had angered, but the spirit of the dybbuk box because just last week armed intruders entered an old home of Malone looking for him.

According to TMZ one of the three armed robbers yelled, "Where's Post Malone?" before the trio made off with around almost $30k of items.

A series of close calls all totally unrelated? Or the malicious work of a spirit who will not rest until it has revenge for the next person that got into this pool:

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