Ariana And Pete Adopted An Adorable Micro Pig

"If anyone deserves a cute pet pig, it's Ariana Grande".

Get ready to fall in love with Ariana Grande’s newest pet -- a ridiculously cute piglet that she appears to have adopted with boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Grande introduced the long-lashed piggy on her Instagram stories today in a series of videos that feature the tiny animal snuggling in bed with her.

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In one clip, Grande is heard giggling as the micro pig chews loudly -- but extremely adorably -- as it perches on her shoulder.

Arianators are already in love with the newest addition to Ari and Pete’s family.

In fact, not since the release of Babe and -- to a lesser extent -- Babe 2: Pig In The City has a pig inspired so many fans around the world to consider cutting out pork from their diets.

Grande joins a long list of celebrities who have adopted micro pigs including Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Denise Richards and of course, Paris Hilton.

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Main Image: Getty Images.