No One Noticed Jimmy Fallon And Justin Bieber Dancing In NY

The pair went undercover for some musical photo bombing in Central Park.

Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon have let loose in Central Park for an ambitious lip sync challenge -- but hardly any New Yorkers or tourists realised it was the famous pair.

The singer and talk show host clearly had the time of their lives rummaging through The Tonight Show’s wig cupboard to don their over the top disguises -- giving us serious Hall & Oates vibes.

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Dressed in matching suits and exquisite mullets, Bieber and Fallon performed a spectacular lip sync to Bieber’s 2015 hit, “What Do You Mean?”

The duo crashed picnics, sang along with buskers and attempted the ‘floss’ dance with kids.

The clip looks like it was ridiculously fun to make -- although Bieber is probably in high spirits after picking up his marriage licence to wed Hailey Baldwin this week.

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The pair finally pull off their wigs and moustaches at the end of the clip for a dramatic reveal -- causing fans to flock to Bieber to take a few selfies.

You can watch the entire clip below:

Main Image: Youtube/The Tonight Show.