The Mysterious Disappearance Of China’s Biggest Film Star

Where is Fan Bingbing?

There are grave concerns for the welfare of Chinese actress Fan Bingbing -- who has not been seen in public since July 1.

Mystery has surrounded the disappearance of Fan -- who is one of the world’s highest paid actresses and best known for her roles in the X-Men franchise.

Fan Bing Bing, Marion Cotillard, Jessica Chastain , Penelope Cruz and Lupita Nyong'o at the  71st Cannes Film Festival at the Majestic Beach Pier on May 10, 2018 in Cannes, France. Photo: Getty Images

There are reports that the film star is being held in custody by the Chinese government -- after finding herself in the middle of a tax evasion scandal.

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In June this year, Fan's contract for the action thriller 355  was leaked -- attracting the attention of Chinese tax authorities who accused her of creating so-called 'ying yang' contracts -- documents that falsify someone's real earnings.

Fan then scored zero out of 100 in an official report that judges how socially responsible A-list stars are—asserting she was having a “negative social impact” in China, the BBC reports.

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Fans of the actress are now deeply worried that the actress has fallen afoul of Chinese authorities.

“Imagine if Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian disappeared for two months with no explanation, and it turns out the US government has been hold(ing) her in secret custody,” journalist Melissa Chan wrote on Twitter.

Chinese state-run publication -- Securities Daily -- reported last week that the actress had been placed “under control” by authorities and that her tax evasion was “just the tip of the iceberg”.

“She is also suspected of participating in illegal lending and other forms of corruption,” the article continued.

“In the worst case, she faces legal punishment.”

However, the article mysteriously disappeared without explanation just hours after it was published.

Fan's name has also disappeared from movie posters for a Chinese World War II film starring Bruce Willis -- Unbreakable Spirit. 

Main Image: Getty Images.