Kanye West Returns to Instagram With Series Of Weird, Bad Sketches

We're... confused.

After deleting his account back in February, Kanye West has officially returned to Instagram.

Rather than the selfies, spon-con and family snaps his wife Kim Kardashian West is so well known for, though, The vocal Trump supporter's return to Insta was marked with a photo of a hillside in Colombia:

For his second post, he then drew his interpretation of the above image, captioning it: "BUILDINGS INSIDE THE HILLS IN COLUMBIA [sic]".

Since then, rather than posting any photos, Ye's instead taken to uploading what appear to be sketches of people he's hanging out with and detailing what he's upto.

He had a meeting with a man named Matt George:

He's been in the studio with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, who in 2015 pled guilty to a count of using a child in a sexual performance:

He's with... a man named Cons?

And someone named Nico (maybe this guy?) is with them in Colombia, who's possibly filming them??   ?             ?

Anyway, who can say why Kanye does what he does, why he's in Colombia, or when he'll learn to spell Colombia? All we can do is wait and see.

Feature image: Getty Images