Julia Roberts Makes Fan's Day Bringing Him Onstage For Hug

"Dreams really do come true."

A moment 28 years in the making, Julia Roberts just made a fan's dreams come true.

During a Q&A panel for Roberts' upcoming film Homecoming at the Toronto International Film Festival, Roberts quickly noticed a fan's t-shirt, exclaiming: "Look at your T-shirt! I’m in love with you."

Kenny Santana was wearing a Be Love shirt, a line that Roberts supports, which raises money for causes serving women, children and families.

"That’s incredible. What a good human you are," she added.

While Santana's response can't be heard, it turns out he had flown from Indonesia and had been waiting to see Roberts in the flesh for 28 years.

Without missing a beat, the Pretty Woman star invited him on stage, before leaving the panel and meeting him halfway in the crowd.

"This is Kenny. He flew from Indonesia to be here today," Roberts called out to the crowd mid-embrace, "Someone take our picture!"

Santana told Global News he had been overwhelmed by the positive response to his dream-come-true moment saying, "All these people keep sending me comments saying they are happy for me. Toronto has been so warm to me and so nice to me. I’m really grateful".

"She didn’t only just make my day," Santana added, "She made my entire life by doing so… dreams really do come true."

Featured image: Getty.