Halsey On G-Eazy: "I'm Definitely His Person"

The singer also urged people to surround themselves with “good people who won’t make you feel like you’re bothering them.”

After breaking up in July and getting back together at the beginning of this month, Halsey told TMZ that she's "definitely [G-Eazy's] person", particularly in the wake of rapper Mac Miller's death on the weekend.

Halsey posted an emotional tribute to the late artist on Instagram on Sunday, calling Mac a "kindhearted individual" and describing his death as being like "a bad dream".

"Check on your friends," she urged her followers. "Please. Call them. Tell them you love them. Be a resource that comes with no judgement. Let your friends unfold without feeling like they are burdening you."

She also thanked him "from the bottom of [her] heart for being such a good friend to Gerald," in the post.

G-Eazy, whose real name is Gerald Gillum, was convicted of assault, drug possession and resisting arrest back in May, following a fight at a nightclub in Sweden.

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Speaking to TMZ when they caught her at LAX airport, Halsey shared her belief that "any kind of person, celebrity or not, feels like they’re bothering people when they talk about their problems".

She went on to stress the importance of surrounding oneself with “good people... who won’t make you feel like you’re bothering them.”

Asked whether she's G-Eazy's "no person", she replied simply: "I'm definitely his person".

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