In The Wake Of Mac Miller's Death, Lil Xan Wants To Get Sober

"If I didn't have a tour coming up I would be in rehab right now."

Rapper Lil Xan has opened up about his desire to get sober in the wake of Mac Miller's death over the weekend.

E News reported that Lil Xan was a guest on Adam22's podcast, No Jumper, where he opened up about grieving the death of his friend.

"The Mac shit is crazy," he said, adding: "I've been crying in my apartment, Mac didn't die, Mac didn't overdose."

"I want to get sober now, completely sober, but it's so hard. I just want to be off everything," he shared. "I want to be like a normal person.... if I didn't have a tour coming up I would be in rehab right now."

Calling Mac his "idol", he shared the last conversation they had.

"Before I left, he was like 'Be safe.' People say that you know, like 'be safe.' But he grabbed me, and he pulled me back and he was like 'No I mean BE SAFE.' That almost made me cry, that's my idol right there," Xan said. "I keep thinking about that, how it resonated in my head, how those were his last words [to me]."

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On Instagram, Lil Xan also revealed that he got a tattoo in memory of his late friend.

Lil Xan has had a public battle with Xanax addiction in the past that led to him publicly denouncing the drug and beginning the "Xanarchy", an anti-Xanax movement.

The movement gained momentum last November when fellow Soundcloud rapper Lil Peep overdosed on Xanax laced with Fentanyl.

At the time, Lil Xan said that Lil Peep's death was "a tragedy" that "was definitely a wake-up call to a lot of people".

"I’m not saying it was the turning point of me deciding to be anti-Xan," he added. "I was anti-Xan months and month ago, but it was definitely a wake-up call and a reminder that this shit is real.”

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