Robert Pattinson Says He Is “Ready” For A Twilight Reunion

Pattinson teased that copious amounts of moisturiser would help him play teen Edward Cullen again.

It’s been a whole decade since Robert Pattinson first popped his vampire contact lenses on to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight film series.

And while the actor has tended to appear in more artsy flicks since then (like Werner Herzog's Queen Of The Desert), he teased that he'd be keen to reprise the role that helped rocket him to fame.

Pattinson told Variety it feels like “not a day has passed” since the Twilight films were shot, joking that he “stopped mentally progressing around the time when I started doing those movies.”

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The actor said that his beauty routine has kept him looking fresh enough to play a teenager again.

"The amount of time I’ve spent moisturising, I am ready to play seventeen at a moment’s notice," Pattinson said.

"Ready!” he joked.

Pattinson has been busy promoting his newest film -- High Life -- a sci-fi adventure that also stars Mia Goth and Juliette Binoche.

But of course, most interviews with RPattz wind up focusing on the blockbuster vampire franchise.

The actor said that fans who are a little embarrassed by their love of Twilight should come clean.

“Whenever anyone says [‘Twilight’]’s their guilty pleasure, it’s like, you say guilty, what you really mean is just pleasure,” he said.

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