Lady Gaga Discusses The 'Unnatural' Environment Of Fame

Describing fame as "unnatural", Gaga stressed the need to support those in the entertainment industry.

During a press conference for A Star Is Born at the Toronto Film Festival, Lady Gaga opened up about the stresses of fame and addiction, and how the two interact.

Variety reports that Lady Gaga spoke of the need to treat those battling addiction in the public eye with compassion, saying:

"I think what would be wonderful is that we intervene early in life when we see people struggling. I think fame is very unnatural. I think it’s important we guide artists and take care of them on a physical level as they rise.”

She went on to say that while most people believe that fame and success changes people, she believes that it's a misconception, and that it's more accurate to say that people around them change.

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While her comments come in the wake of Mac Miller's death over the weekend, as well as Demi Lovato's apparent overdose in late July, addiction is also one of the central themes of A Star Is Born.

Bradley Cooper -- who also directed the film -- plays an alcoholic rock star who meets Gaga's character Ally at a bar. As romance blossoms between them, his star falls and hers rises.

The film is being met with rave reviews and generating award season buzz already. It will premiere in Australia on October 18.