Sir Paul McCartney Got So High He "Saw God"

Talk about a high-er power.

Sir Paul McCartney gave a candid interview recently where he spoke about an experience he had with a "higher power".

Speaking to the Sunday Times, the 76-year-old was hanging out with a small group when they all DMT (dimethyltryptamine) which was a popular alternative to other hallucinogenics like LSD and shrooms.

McCartney described the experience as feeling "immediately nailed to the sofa," adding, "And I saw God, this amazingly huge towering thing, and I was humbled".

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He continued describing his vision as: "a massive wall that I couldn't see the top of, and I was at the bottom" saying the whole experience really opened his mind to accepting the idea of a spiritual afterlife.

"Anybody else would say it’s just the drug, the hallucination, but both Robert [Fraser] and I were like, ‘Did you see that?’ We felt we had seen a higher thing."

Having his experience with this god-like higher power allowed McCartney to have more spiritual experiences, describing a moment where he saw a white squirrel which he believed to be his late wife Linda, who died in 1998.

"It was a great moment. It thrilled me," McCartney said, "Goosebumps! Obviously I have no proof it was her at all, but it was good for me to think that."

The whole encounter has changed the perspective that McCartney was the more "innocent" of the Beatles, with John Lennon and George Harrison having the reputations for experimenting with substances.

McCartney is currently on tour in the lead-up to his first full-length album in the last five years Egypt Station which releases on September 7.

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