Did This Drake Fan Unravel Cryptic Lyrics About Kim K?

Kiki, do you love me?

A Drake fan has shared a wild theory on Twitter that the Canadian rapper has made reference to a relationship with Kim Kardashian West multiple times on his latest record, Scorpion.

Tyler Morrison from Iowa City in the US has employed some pretty impressive detective work to piece together lyrics, tweets, photographs and even maps to back up his claim.

“Drake’s been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven’t been listening - a thread,” the juicy theory begins.

Morrison says his friend first suggested the idea that the pair might have hooked up because of the lyrics in Drake’s track "8 Out Of 10".

“I already knew the disses were aimed at Kanye, but he claimed every girl line was about Kim. 'Your wifey' felt too generic at first, and I figured Drake was referring to any man that leaves his girl long enough/for good.”

The fan says he forgot all about the conspiracy until a few days ago when Drake and Kim uploaded photos to Instagram with near identical captions about being "shy".

Morrison also references just how Drake’s ‘beef’ with Pusha T is involved, plus the fact that Kim’s nickname is Kiki -- the name prominently featured on his hit "In My Feelings".

But the most impressive component of the conspiracy thread is how Morrison has used Google Street View and cross referenced the geographical data with lyrics from Drake's verse on Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode".

Morrison has also pointed out lyrics from the tracks "Talk Up" and "Nonstop" might also reference Kim.

Plenty of fans have dismissed the intriguing research as completely false but you can read through the entire thread yourself here.

Feature image: Getty Images