Ariana Grande Describes First Kiss With Pete Davidson

"It was so sick, it was so dope.”

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s courtship has played out entirely in the spotlight and fans have been privy to nearly every detail of their whirlwind romance.

We now have the deets on the engaged couple’s very first kiss after Ari shared her thoughts about the moment on Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio on Apple Music’s Beats 1, ET reports. 

"It was so sick, it was so dope," she said. "It was so cute, he asked my permission to kiss me."

Nicki quizzed Ariana about how ‘sensual’ the pash was.

“It wasn't, like, too naughty of a kiss, but, definitely, there was so there, you know?” replied Ariana, adding, “It was really sweet, but it was also really sexy."

Nicki pointed out that the pair have the “same sense of humour,” saying, “I know with girls like you and me who like the laugh, it's so important."

"We're like the boy and girl version of each other, except he's 17 feet tall and I'm four inches tall," Ari replied.

The two friends continued their chat about Pete off air -- with Nicki commenting on a photo of Pete on Ari's Instagram page.

“Omg @ the most perfect man on the planet….Wtf does he have a brother btch??!”

Grande is now heading to London to film a one-hour special called 'Ariana Grande at The BBC'.

Feature Image: Getty