Noah Cyrus And Lil Xan Might Have Broken Up Over A Meme

We love a publicity stunt.

Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan have apparently called it quits over a meme -- ending their relationship in the most Gen Z way possible.

Noah uploaded screenshots of texts between the pair -- that show she sent the rapper a meme of “Charlie Puth’s head on a pornstars body lol”.

But it appears Lil Xan read a little too deeply into the playful meme and dramatically wrote “I feel like I’m being cheated on” in his Instagram stories.

“Bad things always happen to the good guys so ima be an asshole from now on if you aint’ gang,” Lil Xan’s post continued.

The rapper -- who is preparing for a massive US tour in a few weeks -- then filmed a few candid videos pondering why he’s always being “used”.

“It just hurts so fucking bad," he said. "You think you know somebody and then you just get used. That’s my whole life, just getting used.”

The rapper -- whose real name is Diego Leanos -- also appears to have deleted or archived the majority of his Instagram feed that previously showed photos of him and Noah.

The couple were all smiles just last week when they chipped in to buy a joint birthday bong for Noah’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

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Noah -- who is also scheduled to tour the US over the next two months -- has been assured by fans that she really doesn’t need Lil Xan in her life.

Others have pointed out the absurdity of the whole situation.

So it seems that either Lil Xan and Noah really need to sell some concert tickets, or true love is dead.

Main Image: Instagram @noahcyrus.