Right-Wing Filmmaker Wears 'Weinstein Is Innocent' Shirt On Venice Red Carpet

Other men on the red carpet happily posed with the shirt.

While the stars were flocking to the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of the highly anticipated horror-remake Suspiria, one Italian filmmaker decided to make a fashion statement of sorts.

Right-wing director Luciano Silighini Garagnani wore a t-shirt that read "WEINSTEIN IS INNOCENT" with an image of the disgraced Hollywood producer.

The Venice festival chief Alberto Barbera told Deadline that it was a "stupid move", however more worrying than a D-list provocateur attempting to grab some headlines with a stunt move are those that were keen to have their photo snapped happily pointing to the shirt.

The shirt was reportedly homemade. Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images.

One of the men snapped smiling and pointing to the shirt is Italian actor Paolo Riva, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who is set to star in Garagnani's upcoming film about former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi.

While Garagnani paraded around the red carpet freely having his photo snapped, the festival had previously refused to allow female activists of the 5050 x 2020 movement to march. The festival has also been slammed for its lack of gender diversity, with only one female director represented in competition for the second year in a row.

The 5050 x 2020 movement asks festivals to pledge gender parity and transparency when it comes to all aspects of the festival -- from selection boards, submissions and even in leadership.

Meanwhile, Barbera told THR he would "rather quit" than be forced to follow a quota to meet gender parity, saying it wasn't his responsibility to make up for the failings of the industry as a whole.  "Venice can't do anything about that," the festival chief said adding, "it's not up to us to change the situation."

When Italian actresses came forward to add their voices to the #MeToo movement, some like Asia Argento and Ambra Battilana Gutierrez were compared to sex workers. Argento was recently accused of sexual assault by a fellow actor, Jimmy Bennett.

Weinstein is currently facing several charges ranging from sexual assault, misconduct, abuse and if found guilty could serve life in prison.

Featured image: Getty.