ER Actor Vanessa Marquez Shot Dead By Police

The 49-year-old allegedly pointed a replica gun at police.

Vanessa Marquez, a former ER actor, has been shot and killed by police at her Los Angeles home on Thursday August 30.

Officers from the South Pasadena Police Department reportedly visited the actress' apartment to perform a welfare check on Thursday morning.

Upon their arrival they noticed that Marquez, 49, was suffering a seizure, Sgt. Joe Mendoza of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department later told reporters at the scene.

"She was suffering from some problems, eating disorder," he added.

Police, who were accompanied by county mental health clinician on the visit, attempted to encourage Marquez to receive medical treatment for over 90 minutes, however she reportedly became increasingly uncooperative.

Marquez then allegedly armed herself with a handgun-like weapon which she pointed at officers before she was fatally shot by an officer at about 11:50.

The weapon was  later revealed to be a BB gun which shoots metallic ball projectiles called BBs rather than bullets.

"Officers checked the weapon and they discovered it was a BB-type gun that resembled a semi-automatic handgun, " Mendoza said.

No officers were injured.

Marquez (far left) with her ER cast on set in 1995. Image: Getty.

Marquez is well-known for playing nurse Wendy Goldman on hit medical drama ER from 1994-97, and also appeared in the 1988 film, Stand and Deliver.

She had guest roles on shows including Wiseguy, Seinfeld, Nurses and Melrose Place.

Her death comes about a year after she publicly accused her ER co-star George Clooney of being involved in ending her career after she spoke out about racial discrimination and sexual harassment on the set.

"Women who don't play the game lose career. I did," she wrote on Twitter.

Clooney denied accusations that he 'blacklisted' her, saying that he had no idea that was the case, and that he had nothing to do with casting in the first instance.

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Feature image: Getty.