Tea: Ariana And Pete Are The New Britney And K-Fed

Look I'm sorry but FACTS ARE FACTS.

Guys, hi, I can't stop thinking about this.

Ever since Ari and Pete began dating, all of... what... three months ago? I can't help but notice that it's all playing out in pretty much the same manner as another extremely high profile romance I followed from start to finish.

See, once upon a time, we had a reigning princess of pop named Britney Spears:

(She categorically still IS the reigning princess of pop but let's not fight over it today okay? Great!!!)

Hot off a breakup from her childhood love Justin Timberlake, who she dated for three years before a very high profile, messy split, (followed by that real quick marriage to Jason Alexander, not the one from Seinfeld), Britney was single and ready to mingle.

Soon enough, she met a guy named Kevin Federline, and they began a very high profile, whirlwind romance.

Kevin was also in the midst of a breakup from girlfriend Star Jackson -- who was pregnant with their second child at the time -- when he got together with Britney.

When Ari and Pete began dating, they were both coming off of high profile, messy splits as well -- Ariana from rapper Mac Miller, who she'd dated for two years prior to their split, and Pete from Cazzie David. The timeline of when those breakups happened to when Ari and Pete first got together is... questionable... at best.

Soon enough, the paparazzi were following Britney and K-Fed everywhere:

Much like they're doing with Ari and Pete right now:

After paps snapped Ariana looking at Pete like this, the term "Big Dick Energy" was coined, and shook the internet for days.

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You know who else had Big Dick Energy? That's right, it was K-Fed. Here are some receipts:

Moving on.

Pete and Ariana have a whole TONNE of tattoo tributes to one another at this point.

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You know who else got a matching tattoo with her boyf back in '04?

It's Britney bitch.

The pair got matching dice tatted on their wrists, and despite being divorced for 12 years now, Brit and K-Fed both still have the ink on her wrist to mark their relationship.

Just like Pete and Ari's whirlwind romance, Britney and Kevin quickly made things official and announced they were set to wed.

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And the pair were happy to flaunt their love with very public PDAs, even on the red carpet:

Meanwhile, #Grandson were ready to serve PDA at their red carpet debut, too.

Another thing both these couples have in common? They're both determined to let you that they f**k, whether you want to hear about it or not!

Meanwhile, while Pete was performing recently at Auburn University, he had this to say about his wife-to-be:

"What’s it like being engaged to Ariana? It’s like what you would think it was like but, like, 100 times sicker. It’s fucking lit. I’m a very very lucky boy, and I’m very very loved and I’m very lucky."

"And my dick’s forever hard."

Meanwhile, here's Britney and Kevin doing the absolute most back in the day:

Both Ari and Britney have included their partners in their work, too.

On Ariana's latest release, Sweetener, she included an interlude called "Pete Davidson" dedicated to her "soul mate".

When Britney released a cover of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative" back in 2004 to accompany her Greatest Hits album, the music video featured Britney and Kevin tying the knot.

They also collaborated on this extremely forgotten track from Kevin's album, Playing With Fire.

And, you know, Britney did release an entire reality series with her then-boo Kevin, documenting their romance for the whole world, in the way that Ari and Pete are able to do via daily Insta-stories.

Finally? Both couples love to blaze it.

Anyway, we all know how Britney and Kevin ended up, so let's all cross our fingers and pray to Godney that Ari has better luck, BYE!

Feature image: Getty Images