Kanye Finally Explained Why He Wore Shoes Two Sizes Too Small

Shoe, Jan.

Sure, there may have been some super important "politics" and "actual news" that happened recently, but that just means you might have missed some REALLY important news. Namely: what Kanye West wore to 2 Chainz' wedding earlier this month.

Pairing a muted mint Louis Vuitton suit with some Yeezy slides, Kanye was serving us "Literally Every Bill Murray Character That Gave Up" realness, with the added detail of half his foot hanging off the end of his slides.

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Yep, it was definitely a choice especially considering it looked like his shoes weren't even the right size.

The outfit gave us some incredible memes, and even inspired the folks at Diet Prada to create a limited edition "Yeezy Feet T-Shirt", which 'Ye seemed to be a fan of.

But WHY?! WHY were his shoes so small, you're probably asking, crying, screaming. Well thankfully, the recording artist cleared up that he was ACTUALLY wearing his slides "the Japanese way".

The images Kanye tweeted include an explanation saying "Your heal [sic] should extend 1~2cm off the back of the wooden sole".

Apparently, while wearing Japanese geta -- traditional Japanese shoes that are like if a clog met a thong -- or zori, you're supposed to have your foot pushed back so your heel hangs a few centimetres off the back of the footwear. This is supposed to assist in balance, especially in the case of geta, which have two peg-like teeth on the base.

Kanye Explains Small Shoes
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And sure that makes sense... if you're wearing an elevated, wooden Japanese shoe. Not so much when you're wearing flat $200 slides...

Featured image: Twitter @KanyeWest.