Happy National Dog Day From These Famous Fur Babies

To celebrate National Dog Day, we scoured the internet for the best puppers and their famous parents.... and it wasn't easy.

What's better than scrolling through your favourite celebrity's social media pages?

Scrolling through your favourite celebrity's social media pages on National Dog Day!

We could have spent hours lost in all the fluff and cuteness but we restrained ourselves with the top ten celebrity pooches to celebrate the best day of the year.

We present you with the cutest pups online and their famous parents.

Chris Evans

Captain America shared the moment he fell in love with his pup, Dodger.

Seth Rogen

The most lovable stoner is just like us, obsessed with his fur baby Zelda.

Salma Hayek

Only Feliz and Dia del Perro could steal the spotlight from this stunning actress.

Paris Hilton

How else would a heiress celebrate National Dog Day than with photos of herself surrounded by Disney dogs? In a style only Paris could pull off.

Hugh Jackman

Our favourite Aussie showman shows off his fuzzy family.

Amanda Seyfried

The Mamma Mia Here We Go Again  star posted a pic that all dog lovers are familiar with, as Finn, the Australian Shepherd, does his business.

Amy Schumer

The comedian went full glam with a special photo shoot just for a National Dog Day, with Tati.

Hilary Swank

We are totally jealous that the former pink Power Ranger gets gets to bring her dogs to work with her, even when work is on the other side of the world.

Kristen Bell

Lola and her famous mum share a moment.

Amber HeArd

Who can forget the saga surrounding Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's dogs Boo and Pistol when they were smuggled into Australia? You will be pleased to know, they're getting the love they deserve, and far away from Barnaby Joyce.

And one more of Chris Evans ... just because.

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