Kim Kardashian Is A Huge Fan of Serial

And she wants your podcast recommendations.

Kim Kardashian West has announced that she’s been bingeing Serial -- four years after the podcast first aired.

The true crime series -- produced by This American Life -- pieces together clues from the 1999 killing of Maryland teenager, Hae Min Lee, and features extensive interviews with the victim’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, who was jailed for her murder.

Serial quickly became a cultural phenomenon and blazed the trail for the countless true crime podcasts that have followed in recent years.

Some Twitter users have been roasting Kim for being a little late to the podcast party.

But everyone else is just super chuffed she’s jumped on the bandwagon, with some people dying to know her theories about the unsolved cold case.

This American Life co-creator and host Ira Glass was also clearly pleased that Kim was enjoying Serial and retweeted her musings on the series.

And as Kim rightly, points out, so what if she's four years late?

Send your true crime podcast recommendations straight to KKW!

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